The Mandate of Tesia Ianga Organisation is “To promote facilities and activities necessary in the reduction of poverty in the country by empowering communities and by collaborating and networking with other stakeholders”. This process cannot be successful without the help of partners from all over the world who have supported us from inception of this organisation. We need your help to be able to serve the community, help them and make Taita Taveta a wonderful place for everyone to stay. Help us implement the following objectives.

1. To promote change-oriented training and advisory to Communities in the region.
2. To Network and collaborate with other bodies having similar objects.
3. To Promote better health initiatives.
4. To offer facilities that target change-related processes.

The little you send to support us is so much appreciated. Help us give that poor child better education, help us support that widow how is infected with HIV/AIDS to be able to get better medication and be able to support her children and finally let us help that young lady or man who is addicted to drugs stop and have a future.  God Bless you as you show your love through this donation.



Areas of expertise

>HIV/AIDS OVCs support
     Food and nutrition
     Shelter and care
     Child protection
     Psychosocial support
     Education and skills training

>HIV general prevention
     Public awareness
>Home base care
    Drug adherence counselling
    Nutritional counselling
>Clinical Care
    Drug adherence
>TB defaulter tracing, Contact tracing and TB awareness to general public on prevention.
>Environmental conservation
>Sports activities:
  Safaricom Madoka Half Marathon.
>Community development activities.



Our Contacts

Tesia Isanga Organization (TIO)

P.O Box 1100 - 00502 Karen
Tel Nos. Nairobi office

P.O Box 1100 - 00502 Karen
Tel Nos. Nairobi office