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HIV/AIDS Activities.
In partnership with Health, Education Africa Resource Team (HEART) of USA, NACC, Kenya Aids NGO Consortium (KANCO), Min. Of Health (MOH) and other teams, TIO has conducted many HIV/AIDS activities in Mwatate.


  • In 2006 we gave school uniform to orphans in primary schools of Maktau, Bura, Mwatate and Mwachabo Locations in Mwatate Division with assistance from St. John Ambulance. With support From Save African Child Organization we provided uniform to orphans in primary schools, high school and polytechniques of Kidaya Ngerenyi and Kishamba Locations in Mwatate division. In 2007, 2008 we provided school uniform to orphans in Kishamba and Kidaya Ngerenyi Locations with support from HEART-(Health Education Africa Resource Team).


  • With support from HEART- we donated 50 goats to 50 orphans in Kishamba Location as part of economic empowerment at household level. In collaboration with HEART, we organised three successful medical camps with mobile VCT’s in Msau, Kidaya Ngerenyi and Kishamba working stations as from 2006, 2007 and 2008.


  • Gave out food baskets to orphans in Maktau, Bura, Mwatate, Kishamba and Kidaya Ngerenyi Locations with support from AED.
  • With support from AED, we facilitated counselling and testing for HIV/AIDS for guardians, of which are currently under ART and we continue to facilitate their periodic hospital visits for CD4 count check and treatment.

We are currently providing alternative sources of livelihood to 305 households within LUMO Conservation area and in collaboration with LUMO Community Sanctuary. This is happening through establishment of aloe, Moringa and amaranth enterprises to be channelled through an upcoming cooperative society called (Mwakibu Farmers Cooperative Society) combining Mwakitau, Kishushe and Bura working areas. The cooperative society combines 14 local registered groups with mature aloe plants, Moringa and amaranth which is a seasonal crop. For sustainability, the crops have to be increased annually. This initiative together with the awaiting products making equipments is made possible by assistance from PACT Kenya. The machine intended for mass production will be installed in Mwashuma town which is a central place for all the groups.

Human Rights and Good Governance and Civic Education.
In partnership with the Ford Foundation, TIO, Institute of Education & Democracy (IED) and CKRC, conducted  Leaders Training and Monitored in election issues.

Promotion of Amaranth (nutrition food), Aloe and Nature based food products.
Jointly with KEFRI, KAPP (Kenya Agricultural Production Project) and Ministry of Agriculture. This project is on going in the whole of Taita Taveta District.

TIO has partnered with “Nature Based Commercial Enterprises” to provide a market outlet for CBOs (Community Based Organization) products. These private enterprises perform marketing and promotion of these products.

Environmental Issues
We established aloe, Moringa and amaranth enterprises to be channelled through an upcoming cooperative society called (Mwakibu Farmers Cooperative Society). We also started a tree nurseries project, currently with over 10, 000 aloe variety secundiflora seedlings and over 20, 000 aloe Vera seedlings.

We do participate in periodic garbage collection and bush clearing in Mwatate town as well as tree planting.

Global fund TB round 9

Tesia Isanga is privileged to work in partnership with Kenya Aids Ngo consortium (KANCO) in TB Global fund round 9.Focusing on HIV/TB integrated program covering Taita Taveta county. The program started 2012 is still on progress.
Main activities include: Defaulter tracing of TB patients and contact tracing of new smear positive.
Total TB defaulter traced 174 and total contact traced conducted is 61.
Drug adherence efficiency; many patients are completing treatment this has resulted to high treatment completion rate. Patients are cured TB.
In addition, Tesia Isanga works in collaboration with APHIAplus Nairobi Coast in Orphans with vulnerable cases program where 725 ovcs s are supported in kind by receiving health kits, soaps, exercise books, supplementary foods, sanitary towels, water guards, and files. Conducted VCT for OVCs and caregivers.
Caregivers have been supported in income generating activities where those who are in small business received money to increase stock.
Through support groups caregivers have several projects which are income generating. Example some keep poultry which they sale and earn revenue improving living standards.
Improved school performance by the ovcs because of sanitary towels and exercise books they receive lack of sanitary towels sometimes results to school absenteeism.
Because of close monitoring of OVCs by Community health works (CHWs) has resulted to improved number of OVCs who complete primary and secondary school.


In partnership with USAID AED CAP program TIO recruited 745 OVCs from different locations within Mwatate district in 2007 who were receiving support from the program which had food and nutrition package, shelter, health, psychosocial support, child protection and education. The project was carried out for four years continuously. Food basket, IGA to caregivers, child protection and abuse education both the caregivers and children
In education students received school uniforms; assessment was carried to determine the ones whose uniforms were worn out. Two hundred students received school uniforms. Still in education 40 students received schools fees and 20 students received vocational training that included driving course and certificate in computer operation. In child protection the caregivers and the OVCs received training on child protection and abuse this was undertaken in partnership with the ministry of children department and Tesia Isanga organization. Psychosocial support home visit and school visits were carried out frequently to the orphans and trained on live skills. In health; sick orphans were referred to hospitals for treatment. The sick were supported with transport money enabling them to go to hospital as some live far from the health facilities. Drug adherence sessions were conducted to the caregivers who are PLWHIV.
OVCs that had school fees challenges were able to complete school.
OVCs finished driving and computer courses some were employed as drivers in sisal estate other sectors hence support family income.
PACT Kenya
Environmental conservation and income generating activities for the community established a co-operative society called Mwakibu Farmers Co-operative Society from 14 CBOs. Planting of Aloe Vera plant and Amaranth as alternative crops.
Through partnership with PACT Kenya the society received plant machine that can process Cream, Lotion, Shampoo and Soaps.
Created employment as staffs were recruited to work for the project.
Farmers earn from sale of sap from Aloe plant to the factory and also from sale of final products to community.
Ford foundation:
Civil education on new constitution in 2011
Devolution and county government.40 Trainers were trained who then trained the community on new constitution and devolution.
Japan Embassy project:
TIO obtained funds from Japan government built wards and an operation theatre for Mwatate Health Centre and provided beds for the wards; also constructed offices and kitchen for the health facility.
Mwatate Sub District hospital now admits inpatients. Residents can access medication nearby. The hospital has 50 bed occupations.
The offices are occupied by Community extension workers and public health officer who initial had no office.
Kitchen supports for the inpatients and staff meals.

Our Contacts

Tesia Isanga Organization (TIO)

P.O Box 1100 - 00502 Karen
Tel Nos. Nairobi office

P.O Box 1100 - 00502 Karen
Tel Nos. Nairobi office