About Us

An empowered Kenya community which has come out of poverty

TIO is an NGO that is committed to facilitate the creation of a conducive environment for communities to attain their maximum potential through capacity building and development focusing on Environmental conservation and regeneration, promotion of health services and economic empowerment.


The Mandate TIO is “To promote facilities and activities necessary in the reduction of poverty in the country by empowering communities and by collaborating and networking with other stakeholders”

1. To promote change-oriented training and advisory to Communities.
2. To Network and collaborate with other bodies having similar objects.
3. To Promote better health initiatives.
4. To offer facilities that target change-related processes.


TIO is a Member of Aloe Networking group in Kenya – both at Coast and in Nairobi. Our offices in Mwatate are well established and operational. TIO has well established relationships with key Community based

Institutions, women groups, Administrators, Government Departments and officials and Organizations.
TIO has established 14 CBOS dealing with Nature Based Enterprises to change the environment degradation for Taita Taveta ecosystem and the community in partnership with Kenya Agriculture Productivity Project (KAPP), KEFRI, KWS and Forest Department.


TIO is a non discriminative organization that upholds moral uprightness good stewardship, transparency and accountability in delivering quality services to achieve sustainable development.


The Day to day operations of the organization is performed by a competent team of Management comprising of professionals in Finance, project management and community development. This team is complemented by volunteers who are either at universities or those who wish to pursue careers in community development.


Key Personnel

TIO is governed by board of directors spearheaded by the chairman of the board.
Chief executive officer, executive director, program officer, finance officer, Field officer,
Office assistant and community volunteers workers.

  Marsden H. Madoka      Chairman 

  Benson Gituku                      CEO

  Elizabeth Madoka                Executive Director

  Terry Mcha                            Director

  Gerald Mshanga                   Programme/Finance officer

  Eliakim                                    Member

  Aggrey Ligale                        Office Assistant

  Seven community health workers





Our Contacts

Tesia Isanga Organization (TIO)

P.O Box 1100 - 00502 Karen
Tel Nos. Nairobi office

P.O Box 1100 - 00502 Karen
Tel Nos. Nairobi office